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The City of Lufkin, in conjunction with Angelina County, Angelina College, and the Lufkin Independent School District, is proactively seeking “Quality Growth” and aggressively working to partner with industrial business enterprises that community leaders feel will provide quality jobs to local citizens, make a positive commitment of capital investment, and fit in with the vision of the community as a longterm “partner”. To this end, the community leaders have passed a comprehensive incentive program in conjunction with State and Federal agencies to provide a positive business environment for new and expanding businesses in an effort to encourage positive investment and job creation. Each application is considered on a case by case basis and all incentives must ultimately be approved by each governmental/taxing entity. However, below is a summary of available programs and incentives available to qualified businesses looking to relocate, grow and expand.

Right To Work:

  • Texas is a Right-To-Work state.

Corporate Income Tax:

  • None.

Personal Income Tax (State):

  • None.
Financial Incentives


Tax Incentives
  • Angelina County enjoys a very low comparative property tax rate which are in the lowest 10% in the State of Texas
  • Texas does not have a corporate income tax.
  • Texas does not have a personal income tax.
  • Triple freeport tax exemptions for goods in storage or transit.
  • Property Tax Incentives.
  • Property tax exemptions for pollution control equipment.Sales tax exemptions for machinery, equipment, replacement parts, natural gas and electricity used in the manufacturing process.
  • Property tax exemptions for facilities used to conserve the consumption of water.
  • Tax-exempt private activity bonds.


Training Programs
  • Angelina College specializes in customized training for area employers and can usually provide this at little or no expense through various state training funds and programs.
Foreign Trade Zone
  • Lufkin is only a 90 minute drive to the Port of Houston, which can house goods in transit (raw materials or finished goods) duty free in warehouses within their foreign trade zone.
Enterprise Zone
  • Several industrial sites lie within the Lufkin Enterprise Zone. Within this zone, qualified manufacturers are eligible for up to a $1.2 million refund ($250,000 per year over 5 years) for state and use taxes paid for building materials, machinery, and equipment. Franchise Tax reductions are also available based on either a 50% reduction of increased apportioned taxable capital or a 5% reduction in apportioned earned surplus income as calculated on each franchise tax report during the 5 year designation period.
Other Incentives
  • Spousal Employment services are provided for key individuals who may be relocating to Lufkin with the prospect company by the Economic Development Partnership.
  • Jobs Fairs are provided new and expanding employers who wish to access the greatest number of qualified job candidates within the shortest period of time.
  • Government Bid Assistance is provided by Angelina College, for a minimal fee, to help local businesses access government contracts.
  • Small Business Development Center Consultling.